Monday, October 24, 2011

Thinking About Good Friends

In August I lost a friend that was so very dear to me. She was with me from the beginning of my career as a junker. We would get to work on Tuesdays and talk about the weekend sales at the shop, we would walk around the shop admiring all the new items that came in to the Co-op. Our biggest thrill would be getting the newest edition of Romantic Homes magazine and go crazy looking to see what was in the pages. Most of all we shared so much laughter.
She and another friend (the owner of the Bears Den) would fleamarket on Sunday mornings. I would get first dibs sometimes on what great things they brought back with them. Sometimes they would get out their tools and start hammering away, turning their junk into fabulous finds. They helped me realize that this love I had for vintage was not just a hobby but something I wanted to do for a living.
God I miss those days with the gang from the Bears Den. This place was so special, not because of the great little shop it was, because it was the best place to work, filled with some of the most wonderful people I have ever met. The shop eventually closed, but so many of the friendships have stayed open to this day.
I guess my point of this blog post is that not only do I love what Im doing for a living. But I cherish all the great friends I get to make along the way. This blog post is not meant to be sad but to serve as a tribute to one of the sweetest, kindess people I have ever met.
Here's to you my friend, Rest in Peace, until we meet again. Your in my heart always.


  1. What a beautiful brought tears as I felt the friendship and the loss, but at the same time it was uplifing and happy.

    I am a new follower looking forward to your future posts!
    Jil ♥