Monday, April 4, 2011

Suburban Girl Studios

Please check out my friend Dianas blog.

She is a very talented gal, and a super nice person. She is having a giveaway to celebrate her first show! She makes ceramic beads and porcelain fossil beads with sterling silver wire wrapping and earwires. I love her jewelry and have a few pieces already. Of course the roses are a personal favorite! I plan on adding more to my collection soon!!


  1. Hi Joyce, Welcome to the world of blogging and thank you so much for dropping by The Vintage Nest. Your shop is so charming. I am following now and hope to see you often. xo Lynn

  2. Hey Joyce, me again. so happy your items arrived safely and you are enjoying them. I have so much to add to the e-shop and hope you will visit often. Have a wonderful week. xo Lynn